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Changshu National New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (hereafter referred to as “CNZ”) is located in the core region of Yangtze River Delta, which belongs to golden intersection of Chinese riverside economic zone and coastal economic belt. Its original name is Changshu Southeast Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu which was established on May 2003 after approval by Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and was changed to its existing name on April 2011. CNZ has such advantages as superior traffic location, distinctive industrial agglomeration, complete carrier platform and highly-efficient management service. For 10 years since its establishment, CNZ has made rapid progress in economic strength and technological innovation. It has been appraised as one of Jiangsu Province’s Rapidly-growing Development Zones for many times. Other honorary titles include “Most Valuable Development Zone in Yangtze River Delta”(3 times), “China’s Top 10 Development Zones For Service Outsourcing”(4 times), and “Core Region of National Hi-tech Service Industry Base” awarded by NDRC. So far, CNZ has successfully introduced more than 900 projects from over 20 countries and regions, including 23 projects from 16 World Top 500 Enterprises like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Continental, Baosteel, Hitachi, Heraeus etc. and 19 projects with investment amount more than 100 million US dollars. Domestic capital and foreign capital have reached 20.6 and 6 billion Yuan respectively. 

Agglomeration and Growth of Leading Industries

In recent years, CNZ has been guided by scientific development perspective to attach equal importance to attracting investment and bringing in talents, to implement “Dual-wheel Driving” strategy of developing modern service industry and advanced manufacturing industry, to actively undertake relocation of advanced industries and high-end projects from at home and abroad,having basically formed characteristic industry based on auto & parts, high-end equipments manufacture, high-end electronic information and hi-tech service industry.

Auto & parts industry is rapidly coming into shape. CNZ mainly focuses on building core competitiveness of auto & parts industry, fully implements industrial development strategy of “leading industry driven, project promotion, innovation driving, industry-trade linkage”, and makes efforts to enhance industry level and R&D capability. Currently, more than 40 domestic and overseas auto & parts enterprises have settled down in CNZ to fully form a comparatively complete auto & parts industrial agglomeration, which centers on Toyota Motors R&D Center, and mainly consists of important parts enterprises such as Toyota Motors Transmission, Mitsubishi Motors Electronics, Continental Automobile, ContiTech, Zhong’ou Automobile etc., is bonded by Toyota Warehousing, Toyota Logistics (Changshu) Co., Ltd. and GLP Park, integrates R&D, production, logistics and trade for finished automobiles and parts.

High-end equipments manufacturing industry is rapidly coming into shape. After 10 years of development, equipments manufacturing industry of CNZ has formed obvious comparative advantages including wide variety of products, high technical content, complete supporting facilities and prominent features. Currently, CNZ has more than 70 equipments manufacturers like Sany Heavy Industry, Hitachi Via Mechanics, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, and GEA Batignolles etc, which are involved in such fields as engineering machinery, precision machinery, automation control and household appliances etc., realizing great leap of equipments manufacturing from low-end to high-end. 

High-end electronic information industry is booming. CNZ has formed high-end electronic information industry agglomeration zone based on electronic information industrial park, focusing on development of high performance integrated circuits, expediting R&D and industrialization of next generation communication network related equipments and intelligent applications, promoting cultivation and demonstration application of Internet of Things(IOT) and Cloud-computing industry, and seizing the commanding heights of nationwide electronic information industry development. A large number of famous electronic enterprises like Chinpoon Electronics, Mutual Electronics, Alpha Networks Inc. etc. have maintained steady growth, with transformation and upgrading from common electronic products to intelligentized/digitized/informationalized products, which has become the contributing factor for future development of CNZ’s high-end electronic information industry. 

Hi-tech service industry is being steadily improved. CNZ has formed a healthy, rapid and efficient development new pattern in modern service industry by strengthening soft outsourcing service industry and fostering productive service industry. Now, CNZ has attracted soft outsourcing service companies (mainly including SYKES, UC-Group, BODA Information Technologies), R&D and testing institutions (Toyota R&D, Yuetian Software etc.), e-commerce bases (Guanghe Information, Wanglushen E-business Technology etc.), foreign banking institutions (HSBC, SMBC etc.), investment institutions (Kaishengmu Fund, CTIT, Huaying Capital etc.), and headquarters economy (Sutor Technology Headquarters, Heraeus New Material Asia-pacific Headquarters etc.). With formal launching of characteristic industrial parks such as Changshu E-business Industrial Park, Changshu Technology and Finance Industrial Park, Auto Productive Service Industrial Park etc., CNZ has formed multi-layered hi-tech modern service industry agglomeration in many fields. 

Burgeoning Scientific and Technical Innovation

Located in CNZ, Changshu National University Science & Technology Park is the first national university science and technology park among nationwide county-level cities established with approval of Ministry of Science and Technology, and Ministry of Education. At present, it has become one of the technology entrepreneurship practice bases for the first batch of nationwide university students, which provides solid assurance for CNZ to promptly attracting advantageous science and technology resources and high-end technical talents. Continuing brand effect of Changshu National University Science & Technology Park and nationwide university students’s technology entrepreneurship practice base, CNZ’s vitality in scientific and technological innovation is significantly enhanced. Various innovation and entrepreneurship projects have witnessed rapid growth in the innovative mechanism and amiable atmosphere of “High integration of science and technology, talent and capital, and efficient linkage of R&D, incubation and cultivation”.

Currently, through establishing professional cooperation alliance mechanism with over 20 key universities inside and outside Jiangsu Province, Changshu National University Science & Technology Park has effectively explored highly-efficient linkage between universities’ scientific and technological advantages and local industry demands, and innovation model for accelerated agglomeration of scientific and technological resources at basic level. Science and Technology Daily once used front page to describe it as “A Major Breakthrough for Construction of National Scientific and Technology Innovation System”. At present, Changshu National University Science & Technology Park boasts 150,000 square meters of scientific and technological enterprise incubator and 280,000 square meters of completed and under-construction accelerator with 140 scientific and technological enterprises and 98 incubated enterprises settled down. A batch of university-local resources cooperation platforms have been completed to include ZJU (Changshu) International Photoelectric Technology Research Center, SJTU (Changshu) Science & Technology Park, Tongji (Changshu) Science & Technology Park, NNU (Changshu) Development Research Institute, Soochow University (Changshu) Low Carbon Application Technology Research Institute. Israel's Schladt Hi-Tech Incubator Management Company has been introduced to CNZ, making efforts to rapidly transform from project scattered incubation to industrial agglomeration incubation. Changshu Scientific and Technological Financial Industrial Park has been built to attract over 20 VC firms, venture capital investment institutions and fund companies. At present, it manages more than 4 billion Yuan of funds, forming fairly complete science and technology financial system consisting of angel investment, seed fund, risk investment, equity investment and industry fund.

CNZ effectively follows the concept of "attracting talents with platforms, introducing talents with projects, cultivating talents with carriers and retaining talents with mechanisms", and extensively accepts human resources of science and technology and strengthens strategic reserves of high-end talents through talent introduction policies and mechanisms, like "Talent Settlement Project" and "Start-up Support Plan" etc. A postdoctoral innovation practice base was built in University Science and Technology Park, and noticeable results were made in construction of "3-station 1-center" of enterprises. A total of 242 doctors and 576 masters were introduced to CNZ, and 83 projects won National "1,000-Talent Program", Innovation & Entrepreneurship Talents Program of Jiangsu Province, Gusu Talents and Changshu Leading Talents.

Opening A New Chapter Through Industry-city Integration

At the new stage, around the goal of establishing “leading area of transformation development, promotion area of urban function, agglomeration area of headquarters economy and demonstration area of rushing to progress”, and with the opportunity of striving for the state-level hi-tech industrial development zone, CNZ makes all-out efforts to build the modern new city in the south with service industry as dominant support, featured with high-end ecological landscape quality, complete urban form function and strong urban economic characteristics, making it become the sub-center of Changshu urban development and the new engine of leaping industry growth.

At present, relying on regional advantages of being adjacent to Changshu central downtown, with unique pattern of Kuncheng Lake and the National University Science and Technology Park inside, and development opportunity of being included in the comprehensive pilot reform of provincial service industry, CNZ continuously increases the investment in supporting facilities construction, with middle and high-grade residential districts and talent apartments being built successively, southeast campus of Changshu Institute of Technology, Kechuang Mansion and Changshu International School being put into service in succession, and productive service industry carriers like Huashun Software Park, Tongji Science and Technology Park, Guanghe Service Outsourcing Industrial Park being in comprehensive advancement. Meanwhile, CNZ improves municipal supporting facilities such as water supply, power supply and gas supply, focuses on strengthening construction of traffic networks, with more than 100km of “Five-longitudinal and five-horizontal” arterial/sub-arterial roads are seamlessly connected to arterial roads in urban area.

On this basis, CNZ will strive for coordinated growth of industrial upgrading and city image shaping, and meet the requirements of “high starting point planning, high-standard design, high-quality construction, delicacy management”. For the aim of attracting people flow, material flow, information flow and fund flow, CNZ constantly enriches various functions such as finance, science and technology, business, recreation and modern residential community, focuses on satisfying entrepreneurial needs for the enterprises inside, speeds up construction of industrial carrier, urban supporting facilities and infrastructures, makes efforts to create a new situation of industry-city integration based on basic development, functional development and form development. Meanwhile, CNZ will adhere to the development principle of “environmental protection, quality first”, ensure harmony between development and protection, take the path of green development and try to make “Green Ecology” the highlight and advantage of southern new city.

Looking forward to the future, CNZ will further promote industrial agglomeration effect, expedite building industry highland of auto & parts, high-end equipments manufacturing as well high-end electronic information (photoelectricity), further highlight leading effect of service economy, try hard to promote contribution degree of modern service industry upon industry-city integration transformation development, further amplify technological innovation driving effect, fully establish dominant position of independent innovation capacity and endogenous development momentum in structure adjustment and mode transformation, further strengthen leading role of top talents to speed up realizing convergence of industry talents, technology talents and management talents, further increase investment in people’s livelihood, fully improve regional public utilities development, basic service equalization and social management scientification level, further accelerate construction of southern new urban area so as to grow into a functional type, compound type, quality type and ecological type “Beautiful New City”.